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Spa Party Ideas for Girls

Hi, my name is Tiffany, the owner and event designer of Cozy Couture Parties. My years of experience in modeling, advertising and public relations combined with the love of being pampered helped me to develop the creative vision for Cozy Couture Parties.

When I was a little girl, my mom used to come into my bedroom to wake me up. In doing so, she would gently massage my legs, back, neck, and feet. As I grew older, and the busy college years took a toll on my level of stress, I found that pampering myself put me in a different frame of mind and renewed and refreshed me. I could not change the busy tasks that lay before me but I could change myself from within to make it easier to deal with them. My mom and I had pampering time together – sort of a spa party for girls – and she would always encourage me to relax and to feel good about myself. I still value that time and I realize that other girls would love it too.

The mission of Cozy Couture Parties

through our fabulous spa party ideas for girls, is to provide an environment where girls can enjoy special “make believe” treatments, which will teach them to nourish their minds and bodies and love themselves both inside and out.

SPA party for girls


The event planner for Cozy Couture is Debra Smith. She also works as Tiffany’s coordinator and assistant. As a former licensed Cosmetologist, Debra enjoys helping her daughter make girls feel confident and beautiful both inside and out.

The “Baby Dolls” are our energetic spa assistants and role models who have been trained to help pamper the girls and keep the fun going in every spa party for girls that we hold. If your little princess wants to be pampered…and what little princess doesn’t…Cozy Couture will create a dream come true that she’ll never forget!